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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course

Embark on a transformative journey at avoyoga that prepares you to inspire and lead, with top-tier training and invaluable hands-on experience.

A pregnant aerial yoga student performing simple back stretches using an aerial hammock while an instructor helps.


Course Structure

Take a look at what you'll learn with us.


Introduction to Aerial Yoga

Together, we'll explore the rich history, dive into the benefits, and navigate through the various styles of Aerial Yoga.

This first module is where your journey begins, and we're excited to guide you every step of the way.


Breathwork Techniques for Aerial Yoga

We'll teach you how to incorporate breathwork into your aerial yoga classes, enhancing both calm and concentration.

This practical approach ensures that your teaching will help students find deeper relaxation and presence.


Aerial Poses, Techniques and Flows

As we master the key poses and transitions of aerial yoga, you'll learn to create fluid and engaging sequences.

Our goal is to equip you with all the skills needed to lead your future classes with confidence.


Safety in Aerial Yoga

Safety is our top priority. We'll cover all the essential protocols and equipment use, ensuring that both you and your future students remain safe in every session.


Anatomy Fundamentals for Aerial Yoga

We'll break down the crucial aspects of anatomy and physiology in a straightforward way, making it easy to apply this knowledge to ensure safe and effective practice.


Strength Training for Aerial Practitioners

We'll guide you through strength and conditioning exercises specifically designed for aerial yoga.

These sessions are key to building the resilience and physical capability needed for the aerial practice.


Effective Cueing and Spotting Techniques

Our focus will be on teaching you how to adapt your instructions to fit different types of students, ensuring everyone's needs are met happily and healthily.

Alongside, you'll learn essential spotting techniques that uphold the highest safety standards, keeping every class smooth and secure.


Developing Your Teaching Style

Together, we'll refine your teaching methods, helping you find your unique voice and presence that resonate well with students. This module is about turning your personal style into your professional signature.


Designing Aerial Yoga Classes

Together, we'll explore the rich history, dive into the benefits, and navigate through the various styles of Aerial Yoga. This first module is where your journey begins, and we're excited to guide you every step of the way.


Creative Sequencing and Theme Development

We'll guide you through the process of creating special occasion classes, including those for public holidays and family-focused sessions. Learn how to effectively incorporate themes into your teaching repertoire, making each class an engaging and enjoyable experience for diverse groups.

Meet Your Instructors

Aerial Yoga Teacher Raidah


Meet Raidah, the founder of Avoyoga,
she has experience teaching a wide range of aerial classes, including kids classes, family aerial, special occasion aerial parties, introductory level, restorative, and intermediate adult classes.

She is best known for her innovative teaching style for beginner aerialists, in particular breaking down complex flows into digestible achievable poses

Aerial Yoga Teacher Yan


Yan is a passionate aerial artist who discovered her love for aerial yoga in her very first class.

She enjoys exploring the various forms of aerial arts and has taken up many different apparatus such as hoop, aerial silks, pole and aerial pole since she first began.

Yan is known for her skilful techniques in the aerial world and will always challenge the students by adding more shapes or transitions in their flows.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Nishy


Teacher Nishy is, a versatile and highly skilled yoga instructor who brings a unique blend of expertise to her classes, with a passion for helping others discover their full potential through movement and mindfulness.

Nishy is certified in five distinct yoga disciplines: Wheel Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kids Yoga and Aerial Yoga.

Our teaching style is loved by our students

1st class was intimidating as it was first time doing aerial yoga ... but the instructor was very assuring and was always ready to guide me along and kept a lookout for my safety. overall, i loved it!



... Instructor was very friendly and patient with us (newbies). Would definitely recommend avoyoga ...



Very fun! The trainer took care of us and was very patient as we were struggling with the poses. All in all a very good experience!



... Thanks to the teacher who guided us super well with the various poses and was incredibly patient to assist her students as some were pretty challenging for a start. Will definitely be back to try out more classes. Major love!!!!



... Teacher is extremely patient with her students. I love that she ensures the students reach their objectives at the end of the lesson. Teacher is awesome!



Course Essentials

What You'll Receive, How We Assess, and More

What you'll receive

All the extra perks that come with our course.


Lifetime Access to the Avoyoga Video Library

Unlock endless learning and inspiration with lifetime access to our exclusive video library, packed with advanced techniques and creative ideas.


Eight Hours of Self-Practice Credits

During the course, take control of your training with eight hours of self-practice credits. Use our studio space to refine your techniques, explore new poses, or simply enjoy some personal time on the mat.


Two-Month avoyoga Membership

As a reward for graduating, immerse yourself in aerial yoga with a two-month membership giving you unlimited access to our drop-in and pop-up classes.


Two Hours of Studio Rental Credits

Step into the role of an instructor with two hours of studio rental, allowing you to teach your own classes in a professional setting. It’s a fantastic way to gain confidence, experience, and start building your student base.


Personalised Yoga Mat

Just like the premium mats we use at our studio, but with a personal touch featuring your name, it’s the perfect foundation for every session.


Certificate of Completion

Obtain a Certificate of Completion, acknowledging your successful participation in our aerial yoga teacher training program.


Printed Instructor Resource Manual

Receive a comprehensive toolkit that combines a manual, guidebook, and a wealth of teaching resources. This printed resource equips you with detailed instructions, insights, and tips to enhance your teaching and personal practice.

How We'll Assess Your Progress

Learn about our supportive evaluation process to help you grow.


Active Learning Assignments

To keep your learning journey vibrant between classes, we'll provide engaging assignments that reinforce and build upon what you’ve learned in the studio.


Practice Teaching with Peer Feedback

You’ll have numerous opportunities to teach in our supportive environment, receiving constructive feedback from both your peers and instructors.

This iterative process is key to refining your skills and finding your unique voice as a teacher.


Showcase Your Skills in a Mock Class

Your training will culminate in a final mock class where you're encouraged to invite friends and demonstrate your teaching prowess.

This celebratory session is your chance to bring together everything you've learned and show off your readiness to lead.


Opportunity to Join Our Team

Graduating from our course could be just the beginning. If you're interested in joining Avoyoga as an instructor, we offer the chance to lead two community classes.

This experience allows you to teach real students in real sessions, giving you invaluable hands-on practice and a taste of professional teaching.

Join us on these dates

Mark your calendar for the start of your teaching journey.

Alt. Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Alt Saturday and every Sunday for 7 weeks

Begins Saturday, August 17 - Ends Sunday, September 29

6:45- 9:30pm on alt. Tuesday & Wednesday
11:30 - 5:30pm on alt. Saturdays

10:30 - 5:30pm on Sundays

Aug 17 - 18

Aug 20 - 21, 25

Aug 31 - Sep 1

Sep 3 - 4, 8

Sep 14 - 15

Sep 17 -18, 22

Sep 28 - 29


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Recommended Entry Requirements

  • At least 5 hours of aerial practice completed.
  • No medical or health or health condition that would restrict you from going into inversions.
  • Please declare any other medical condition upon submitting your interest.
  • A passion for learning aerial and desire to teach others

The modules taught in Avoyoga’s aerial yoga teacher training course follow Yoga Alliance’s Continuing Education category framework.

As a "professional with significant experience and education in a subject related to at least one Educational Category", all our instructors are recognized as experts according to the standards of Yoga Alliance and are qualified to provide Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.

Thus this aerial yoga teacher training content may count towards continuing education credit in all the educational category (TTP, TM, AP, YPLE). Find out more.

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