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A cosy curated space for aerial beginners.

At Avoyoga, we're more than just an aerial studio. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment that promotes mindfulness and helps each student reach their full potential. We believe in helping you find your calm, so you can leave feeling energized and refreshed.

About the studio

Avoyoga is a small, comfortable studio, focused on creating a both a safe and encouraging space for aerial beginners. We strive to make aerial yoga an activity that is accessible and comfortable for everyone, no matter their fitness level.

Our teacher to student ratio is purposely kept small to allow each student enough 1-1 attention during class, especially if they are new to aerial.

Students in an aerial yoga class performing stretches.
A group of aerial yoga students performing simple movements.
A group of aerial yoga students performing simple moves while a teacher assists one of the students.

About the teachers


Meet Raidah, the founder of Avoyoga, with over 500 hours of teaching experience in both big group and private settings. She holds a 100-hour certification in aerial yoga and has been practicing it for years, making her an experienced and dedicated teacher.

Raidah has experience teaching a wide range of aerial classes, including kids classes, family aerial, introductory level, restorative, and intermediate open fabric adult classes. Currently, she is focusing on teaching beginner courses.

Her passion for teaching aerial yoga is evident in her patient approach with new students, regardless of age or fitness level. She strongly believes in the benefits of aerial yoga, which has helped her stay calm during a busy and unpredictable past career in the hospitality industry. Now, she wants to share that calm with others and help them find peace in the midst of a hectic lifestyle.


Yan is a passionate aerial artist who discovered her love for aerial yoga in her very first class. She enjoys exploring the various forms of aerial arts and the mindfulness it brings, which improves her quality of life.

Her passion for aerial led her to pursue teaching training, with the desire to inspire others on their journey and deepen her own practice. Yan currently teaches a range of classes, including Aerial Fit, Aerial Active, Hoop Basics, and intermediate courses.


Teacher Jennifer is a dedicated practitioner of both mat and aerial yoga, and her passion for the latter is evident in her teaching. After years of practicing mat yoga, she was drawn to aerial yoga for its unique challenges and benefits. Since completing her aerial yoga teacher training, Jennifer has been sharing her love for the practice with others.

Jennifer teaches Aerial Stretch and Aerial Active at Avoyoga, where she brings her calm and balanced approach to each class. She believes that yoga is a journey that goes beyond oneself, and is excited to help her students discover the joy and gracefulness that aerial yoga can bring to their lives.


Teacher JoJo has always been drawn to physical activities and found her passion in aerial yoga, which allowed her to express strength and flexibility in a graceful manner. She was fascinated by the unique yoga style and its benefits, and decided to become a certified teacher to deepen her understanding of the practice.

For JoJo, aerial yoga is more than just beautiful poses – she emphasizes the importance of body coordination to achieve different stretches and poses. Discovering the amazing things her body could do through aerial yoga, she hopes to help others uncover their own hidden strength and abilities.

An aerial yoga student performing an inversion while a teacher assists and guides the student.
A group of aerial yoga students stretching before a class in a downward facing dog yoga position.A pregnant aerial yoga student performing simple back stretches using an aerial hammock while an instructor helps.

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