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A curated space for aerial beginners

Singapore's best Aerial Yoga studio for those just starting out, conveniently located between Outram and Tanjong Pagar.

There is something for everyone at avoyoga

More than just an aerial yoga studio, at avoyoga we focus on creating a safe, encouraging space for aerial beginners. We strive to make aerial yoga an activity that is accessible and comfortable for everyone, no matter their fitness level.

What makes avoyoga unique

Focused on beginners

Our classes and courses are primarily designed with beginners in mind - you can expect slower pace instruction with every move being broken down into simple and easy to follow steps.

Smaller, more tailored classes

Unlike other studios which pack many people of different levels into a single class, at avoyoga we keep classes under 8 students - not only to make sure everyone gets enough time with the instructor, but to also ensure that everyone in the class is at a similar level and can follow at the same pace.

Our students love us.

We are thrilled to have worked with hundreds of wonderful students across all our classes and courses and look forward to you joining the avoyoga family.

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"I truly enjoy attending AvoYoga classes. I learn different aerial poses each lesson so I don't feel bored re-doing the same ones. Teacher is extremely patient with her students. I love that she ensures the students reach their objectives at the end of the lesson. Teacher is awesome!"

"Very fun! The trainer took care of us and was very patient as we were struggling with the poses. All in all a very good experience!"

"1st class was intimidating as it was my very first time doing aerial yoga and i also have a history of back injury, so that worries me. but the instructor was very assuring and was always ready to guide me along and kept a lookout for my safety. overall, i loved it! eases my pain and was a very enjoyable session!!"

"It was a nice personalized experience where I didn't need to feel shy about my lack of strength or core. I feel like with the comfort of having less people in a class, it allowed me to explore the class more."

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"Studio was clean and Instructor was very friendly and patient with us (newbies). Would definitely recommend AvoYoga to those who wants to try Aerial Yoga for the longest time but have doubts/low confidence."

"It was my first aerial yoga and I had fun! The instructor really know her stuffs & her lesson is easy to follow & understand. Good stretches and I felt that I've worked out more than the usual yoga, as this stretches & work-out your whole body. I cannot stop thinking about it already! :)"

"Tried out aerial yoga for the first time and it was such an exciting cool experience! Thanks to the teacher who guided us super well with the various poses and was incredibly patient to assist her students as some were pretty challenging for a start. Will definitely be back to try out more classes. Major love!!!!"

"It was a good experience after while of not doing aerial. The pace of the class was manageable for me to cope too."

Get started on your aerial journey today with avoyoga.

There is no better time than today, and no better place than avoyoga. Try aerial yoga with beginner friendly instructors who are there to help you every step of the way!

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