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Aerial Yoga Playdate & Morning Social

Combine the joy of quality time with your little ones with the bliss of aerial yoga.
Experience a unique blend of exercise, play, and social connection designed exclusively for moms and their kids

Why Choose Our Aerial Yoga Playdate?

Finding time and energy for social outings with a young child is a real challenge. At Avoyoga, we recognize this and that’s why we’ve created our Aerial Yoga Playdates

It’s a place where you can relax, play, and connect with your child and other moms. Simple and joyful, our sessions are designed to make every moment count.

Here, amidst the stretches and smiles, you’ll find a supportive community. It’s about more than yoga; it’s about creating connections and enjoying moments of peace together.

A smiling mother assists her joyful daughter hanging from an aerial yoga silk, sharing a playful moment together.Toddler clings to an aerial yoga silk while the mother supports and smiles at them, with yoga instructor and kids in the background.A woman does an aerial yoga pose with her young child resting on her back, both smiling joyfully during a class.Group of mothers in an aerial yoga class with silks, one smiling at the camera while holding a young child in the hammock.A mother in an inverted aerial yoga pose laughs with her toddler standing beside her in a bright, airy Singapore studio
A mother and child perform an aerial yoga pose together, with the child balanced on the mother's back, in a group class setting.A mother in an aerial yoga class receives help from her toddler, who playfully touches her forehead as she hangs upside downA playful aerial yoga session with a mom upside down in a hammock, her child lying below her, both making funny facesUpside-down mother in aerial yoga silk reading a book with her child, both smiling in a moment of joyful bonding.Mother performs an aerial yoga pose with her child playfully perched on her back, both laughing and enjoying the class.

A Safe and Joyful Space

Bond and play with your child in a welcoming space, equipped with soft mats for safety, amidst a community of understanding moms.

Tailored for Moms

Our studio is prepared with your needs in mind, offering a comfortable setting for you to connect and engage in aerial yoga.

A Safe and Fun Meets Wellness Space

Experience the joy of aerial yoga together. Our sessions blend gentle exercise with playful moments, ideal for both moms and tots.

Meet, Share, Grow

Join a network of moms on similar journeys. Here, it’s about shared experiences and mutual support in a friendly atmosphere.

Your Playdate Experience

Join us in a unique space where aerial yoga brings together moms and their little ones.
Our sessions blend playful discovery with soothing yoga stretches,
creating shared moments of joy and relaxation.

Tailored Activities for All Ages

Sensory Exploration

The gentle sway of swinging and spinning not only entertains but also helps in the sensory development of young children, providing a soothing experience.

Motor Skills & Calmness

Gripping the hammock enhances fine motor skills in little ones. The rhythmic movements offer a natural way to learn how to relax and find peace, even in moments of activity.

Building Emotional Connections

Through simple, calming movements in the hammock, deepen your connection with your child. These activities are crafted to foster a sense of tranquility and encourage emotional balance

Prepare for Your Aerial Adventure

Book Your Playdate Today

We’re here to ensure your Aerial Yoga Playdate is memorable, safe, and enjoyable. If you have any questions or special requests, our team is more than happy to assist!

Looking forward to seeing you and your little one for a session of fun, relaxation, and connection.

Dress for Comfort and Movement

For Moms

Leggings or any stretchable sports attire that allows you to move freely.

For Kids

Comfort is key. Pants, shorts, or rompers will let them explore without restriction.

Before you Arrive

Meal Time

Schedule your child’s last meal or snack about 30 minutes before the session. This helps ensure they’re comfortable and ready for activity.

What to Bring

Water bottles for hydration, and any snacks for your child, to be enjoyed outside the play area.

At the Studio

Check In

Schedule your child’s last meal or snack about 30 minutes before the session. This helps ensure they’re comfortable and ready for activity.

Safety First

Water bottles for hydration, and any snacks for your child, to be enjoyed outside the play area.

Clean Play Area

To maintain a safe and clean environment, please enjoy snacks and drinks in the designated areas away from the play and yoga spaces.

Private Sessions for your Family, Friend Group, or Team

Elevate your next family or group event with a private aerial yoga session. Perfect for bonding, relaxation, and fun

Reserve Your Group Session Now